Biografical (engl.)


Bestseller-author and director Thor Kunkel (*1963)
stands out as a cult-figure within german literature with his
provoking themes, maniac characters and salutes to pop-culture.

Kunkel exploded onto the scene in 2004 with his highly acclaimed
and scandalized novel “Endstufe – Final Stage‚” picking up – after fighting
off hypocritic and false accusations – a strong cult following. His work has earned him the reputation of „being one of germany’s hottest young writers“ (The Guardian, 12.02.04.).

Kunkel is fluent in English, Dutch and German (mother-tongue).
He studied Film and Fine Arts in Frankfurt/Main and San Francisco/USA. With many awards to his credit, he directed many commercials for non-profit organizations between London and Amsterdam , where he lived for over ten years.

Writing straight from the start powerful and successful fiction including his award-winning novel »Das Schwarzlicht-Terrarium« (The Blacklight-Terrarium, 2000), Kunkel has become a master of bringing life to german literature – and the film industry.

Thor Kunkel lives in Switzerland.
His latest novel »Subs« is slated for an spring 2011 release.